ASA Members, welcome the newly formed band, “The Red Roans”

Our names are Wade, Wyatt, and Faith and we will be your entertainment (interns) for this summer’s tour. The biggest show of the year is scheduled in Lebanon, Tennessee, on June 17. We have been very busy preparing for the performance of the year and we’re ready for a week of “Strumming a Shorthorn Tune!” Our band members and stage crew here at ASA are excited for a fun filled week and can’t wait for the final performance!

Keyboard Player Wyatt

Is everyone ready for a good time?!? This past week in the office has been very busy but also very enjoyable! My main focus has been preparing the set list (exhibitor folders), designing graphics and preparing content for our social media pages. I have really enjoyed meeting my fellow band members (other interns, well only one of the interns since the one of them is my twin brother) and the stage crew (ASA staff) as we prepare for this great performance! I have really enjoyed Kansas City and look forward to exploring more! I’m very excited to meet you all in Tennessee!

Guitarist Faith

How’s everyone doing?! I have been Strumming a Shorthorn Tune all week as my band members (other interns) and I prepare for our upcoming concert! I have been working hard on ticket orders (entries) to make sure that you have all the correct information and payments to attend this great performance that you don’t want to miss. I’m excited to be here and can’t wait to learn more about Kansas City and the Shorthorn breed. Hope you’re ready to rock out and strum along with my crew and me! If you have any questions about your tickets (entries) make sure to contact me or our lead singer (Shelby Rogers) at any time!

Drummer Wade

Who’s ready to have some fun?! Hope you’re all ready to pack the seats and tap along to the best hits at the greatest concert of the summer. I have been incredibly busy preparing contests for our audience (Junior members) and making sure the week is filled with exciting and competitive activities. The fellow band members and set crew have enjoyed the last week of getting to know each other and we are looking forward for the final performance in Tennessee. Kansas City has been a good time and I’m excited for more adventures in the near future. Make sure to get your tickets booked and get ready to jam along to the newest and hottest hit of the summer!


We are 18 days away from the biggest concert of the summer and can’t wait to enjoy the fun filled week in Tennessee!

New for 2019 NJSS (and reminders)!

We have some changes for 2019 and want exhibitors to be aware of these new additions as we are only 116 days from arriving in Lebanon, Tennesee!!

  • The minimum requirement is now 25% for ShorthornPlus steers ONLY!!! This rule will be in place for a two-year trial period.
  • ShorthornPlus Bred & Owned females (must be 50%) will now have their own show on June 21. They will be judged by the bred & owned judge. If you plan to show in the ShorthornPlus owned show AND the bred & owned show, you will have to pay the entry fee for both shows. Just as you do for the Purebred show, if you show in both shows.
  • On June 21, there will be two rings, ALL bred and owned in Ring 1 and ShorthornPlus Owned females & steers in Ring 2.
  • In shows with top 5, we will pick a third best in divisions.
  • The Champion Senior Speech will give their speech at the Awards Ceremony.
  • The final quiz bowl round will be during the awards ceremony.


Important reminders:

Junior Board Application Deadline – April 10
Scholarship Deadline – May 1
Ownership Deadline – May 1 (you MUST have registration number to enter for show)
Entry Deadline – May 1
Final Entry Deadline – May 15 (entry fees are raised after May 1)

Entry form will be available by March 1. There will be a tutorial available on how to complete entry fees. It is suggested to look over tutorial, even if you have entered online before. This will help solve any issues with entry (over or under paying).

Registration numbers are required at time of entry. Entries received without a registration number, MUST provide the registration number by May 15 (ownership deadline is still May 1) or your entries will be considered incomplete.

You will not be able to show any incomplete animal entries. You will not receive refunds for animals that are incomplete. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide registration numbers at time of entry. 

Please email with any questions.

NJSS entries Due May 1

Be sure to get your cattle entered for the National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference by May 1. After May 1 entry cost will go up. All entries must be done online. Be sure to check show classifications and all other rules & regulations for NJSS before entering your animals.



  1. Animals must be in the name of only ONE individual junior member to be eligible to show. (no farm name allowed). The ownership deadline is May 1.
  2. ShorthornPlus animals must be 50% to be eligible to show. If you have a cow/calf pair both cow and calf must be 50%.
  3. The final deadline for entry and substitution is May 15.
  4. If you have any questions, email!

OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN (from this post to when cattle begin arriving in tieouts): 68 days


Welcome 2018 Interns!




A desire to advocate for agriculture led Emily Meinhardt to Kansas State University to pursue a degree in Agricultural Communications & Journalism with minors in Animal Sciences & Industry and Leadership Studies. As a sophomore at K-State, Emily enjoys being involved in campus clubs and her sorority because they allow her to meet a diverse group of people. Emily grew up in Marysville, Kansas where she was involved in 4-H and showing Hereford cattle. These experiences sparked her interest in the agricultural industry. With a passion for working with youth and a desire to promote the livestock industry, Emily looks forward to working for the Shorthorn Association as the communications intern.








We would like to welcome Emily Dyes of Holliday, Texas to the American Shorthorn Association Team as the registrations intern. Emily grew up in vastly different counties across Texas including Nacogdoches, Bosque, Bandera, and Archer where she raised and exhibited Shorthorn cattle from the 3 rd to 12th grade. Emily is currently attending Texas Tech University and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Agriculture in May 2019. Emily believes this internship will be a great opportunity to learn more about how a breed association functions from day to day and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge about the beef industry through this experience. Emily is most excited to be working with professionals that share a common passion for the beef cattle industry and how the shorthorn breed will impact the future of the industry.







Anna Miller is a junior at Oklahoma State University where she is studying agricultural communications and animal science. She grew up in the small town of Linden, California, raising purebred Red Angus cattle with her family. Anna has always had a passion for the agricultural industries, and an interest in international culture has motivated her to study animal science abroad in Dublin, Ireland, for a semester. She is active throughout the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU. Anna is an officer for the Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen club and the FARM Theory club, as well as a member of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club. After graduation, she hopes to stay involved in the beef industry and work in the communications field. Anna is excited to serve as the Youth Activities intern for the AJSA, and looks forward to learning more about the association and its members!

Fiesta Tacos






This week the ASA office had a potluck lunch, and during Junior Nationals we were so inspired by all the tacos during the beef cook-off contest that we decided a fiesta was in order with of course, tacos!


Us Interns, we were in charge of the meat- Here is the easy and delicious shredded beef taco recipe we used. Hope you enjoy!


Grab that Crock Pot! – only the easiest way to feed a larger number of people with the least amount ofprep time. Shredded beef tacos, piece of cake #Adulting


Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 8 hr on low, 5 hr on high



1 (2.5lb) chuck roast

1 (14 oz) can beef broth

1 ½ Tablespoons chili powder

½ Tablespoon ground cumin

½ Tablespoon onion powder

1 Teaspoon salt

¼ Teaspoon pepper

Juice of 1 Lime



Warm flour or corn tortillas

Shredded lettuce

Any kind of cheese-shredded

Diced tomato


Sour cream



  1. Spray crock pot with cooking spray. Place roast inside crock pot. Pour broth and the lime juice over the roast.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add to the roast.
  3. Cover the lid and cook on low heat 8 to 10 hours, or on high heat 5 to 6 hours. Remove roast and place on platter, shred the roast and remove excess fat.
  4. Return shredded beef to crock pot and cook an additional 30 minutes-TIME TO EAT!


We hope you give this tasty recipe a try! And most importantly… #EatBeef

Funny Snapshots from Junior Nationals

This week is just some funny photos with some funny captions from Junior Nationals!


“So you’re telling me that I wasn’t suppose to put glue all over the body?!”


“Come on! Time to Go! Move it!”


“OH the judge is looking at me, act natural.”


“Showing is exhausting!”


“This job is still better than having to listen to the interns sing all the time at the office.”


“Hey! this isn’t a Shorthorn!”


“Why are my interns so weird?”


“hm, this game isn’t looking the best for me.”


“Oh yeah, we have this class in the bag”


“High knees! High Knees!”


“Just a real quick blinking break guys.’

Junior Nationals Review






Junior Nationals is sadly over now, but what an experience! We hope that all who attended had the time of their lives. Us interns really enjoyed working one on one with junior members and helping coordinate all the activities throughout the week. Here is just a recap of what we loved the most about getting involved at Junior Nationals!



A few of my favorite parts of Jr. Nationals includes learning that I could have a career in broadcasting, I hope everyone enjoyed the daily morning announcements and the entertainment during the fitting competition. I also had a blast running the ASA Snapchat account, I hope I made you all laugh! Lastly, it was awesome finally putting faces to all the names I knew from being the registrations intern and seeing everyone’s entries. Thanks for a great NJSS this year, good luck to everyone next year!




I grew showing in a really small Junior Association, the South Devon Junior Nationals only has about 30 juniors attend the annual show and youth conference. I consider this group of people my second family. So, going into NJSS I was expecting a big show with a lot of people, but I was happily surprised that a Junior Nationals of this size still had the “family” feel and everyone had each other’s back. It was great to see the amount of involvement in all the contests and competitions. This was really a great experience and I am so happy I was a part of it!



I am the Youth Activities intern so it was really fun to help out with all the contests. I enjoyed being “behind the scenes” an organizing all the judge’s packets and PowerPoints for the awards ceremony. The Mentor Apprentice program was great to help coordinate and watch the mentor and apprentice work together to accomplish their tasks.

Things to be Excited About at Junior Nationals





Only 10 more days until Jr. Nationals! This week we put together a list of all the fun and exciting things to look forward to.

  • Opening Ceremonies: Tulsa is a hub for Native American culture so to kick-off Jr. Nationals American Indian dancers will be performing! Also, after opening ceremonies there will be a local band playing red-dirt, so grab your dancing partner and get ready to two-step.
  • Ultimate Warrior Boot Camp: This obstacle course is 30 minutes of fun for all ages. Stock-Show U developed a course of activities that have Juniors work together as a team to compete for the prize!
  • Mentor Apprentice: This is a great activity for new members to learn about the Association and meet new people. This includes a set of activities, event one will be “Inspiring you to fly Q&A” This will include partners getting to know each other and then each mentor will work with their apprentice on how to fill out the livestock judging score card for the judging contest. The second event will include selling model airplanes for $20. The buyers have the opportunity to win a Sullivan’s Cadillac Chute but the mentor apprentice team who sells at least 2 airplanes will be put in a drawing to win an IPod touch.
  • Sock Drive: Bring your socks to opening ceremonies! Make sure it’s a new pair or a package of socks. This is a great way to help those in need in the Tulsa area, the socks will be donated to harvest house. PLUS the top 5 states will earn points toward outstanding junior association. The socks will be calculated by the percentage of exhibitors from each state for final placings.
  • Awards: we have some awesome awards this year, including engraved cups for class winners, and either a hide camp stool or belt buckle for division winners. The banners are also amazing (just take our word for it!)
  • Snapchat filters: This year we’re going to have some super cool filters to liven up your selfies!
  • Flight Simulator: Get ready for an awesome photo opportunity! Get the chance to sit in a cock-pit just like a pilot!
  • Pioneer Woman: If you love this Food Network star take a road-trip to her store, the Pioneer Woman Mercantile, which is only about an hour drive outside of Tulsa, in Pawhuska.
  • Splash pad: For Shorthorn Sidekicks, kids ages 8 and under get to play in a splash pad on the fairgrounds for one of the activities! Parents be sure to pack a swimsuit or extra change of clothes for your little ones and email to sign them up!
  • Get in some ‘Bites’: Tulsa has so many amazing restaurants to choose from, with a variety of authentic Tex-Mex to unique steakhouses. Emily, the Youth Activities Intern recommends Ted’s café Escondido for Tex-Mex and our very own Executive Secretary/CEO Montie recommends The Spudder to be your go-to place for a good steak.
  • Meeting us: We have all been working so hard to make sure your “flight experience” at NJSS is perfect and we can’t wait to meet you all!

The theme this year is based off of the movie, Top Gun so we are Taking Flight with Red, Roan, and White; pack your aviators and flight suits…NJSS Airways is about to take off!

Remember to use the hashtags #NJSS17 and #SoaringWithShorthorns in all of your social media posts!

Ways to Stand Out at Junior Nationals






It’s official, only 17 more Days until Junior Nationals….Whoa, where has the time gone?! Most of you are busy getting ready, so we put together all the different ways to “Stand Out” during the Junior National contests. Plus, lots of little tips and reminders to keep in mind!


Arts & Crafts, Photography, Promotional Poster and Graphic Design

  • Attention to detail: You may think that some things may not be noticeable or it looks “good enough” But looking at all of the details to your creative piece is the best way to avoid errors and have an overall impactful piece of work. Most importantly, EDIT EDIT EDIT!
  • Find your creativity: Don’t be afraid to go for something unique or put your own “stamp” on it, judges appreciate originally and authenticity.
  • Put together different options: If you’re stumped on what to do or can’t decide on just one idea, try them all! Give yourself the opportunity to try different things and see which one really takes you the farthest.
  • Get that 2nd opinion: Have other people go over your work, reach out to professionals to get tips on how you can improve, it can’t hurt!
  • Visual impact: First impressions are everything, when the judges see your piece for the first time you’ll want there to be a positive impact.

Beef Cook-Off

  • Presentation: Don’t wait until the day of to decide on how you will present your meal, put some thought into it and practice!
  • Make a plan: Understand the strengths of each chef on the team, who does what? Instead of everyone all going for it think about the organization, the different jobs/duties on the team. This will definitely make the experience more ‘stress-free’ and a fun experience!
  • Be ready for the Judges: Yikes, get ready for those questions! Be sure to know your recipe forward and backward and all of the ingredients you will be using, don’t leave anything out!

Quiz Bowl

  • Effort: Even though it’s summer break, hit the books and STUDY STUDY STUDY.
  • We can’t tell you the exact questions… but here’s the categories to freshen up on; Nutrition, breeding, anatomy, history, general beef knowledge and facts about the Shorthorn Association.


  • Presentation: Although this is a no-fit showmanship competition, make sure your animal is clean and ready to walk into the show ring.
  • Don’t forget about yourself! Be sure to dress in an appropriate and professional manner.
  • Tick Tock: Don’t be late! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to spare and keep an eye on how fast/slow the judge is moving. You don’t want to get your animal up to early/late. With Keeping timing in mind you’ll be ready for “showtime.”


  • Bulls cannot be shown
  • There’s a peewee competition for Juniors under the age of 5
  • You must use the same animal throughout the competition


Team Salesmanship and Speech

  • Confidence: Judges are impressed by confidence and if you mess up just keep going! Most likely the judges won’t even notice just continue on as if nothing had happened, just remain cool, calm and collected.
  • Eye contact: It’s important to know the difference between “staring someone down” and having the appropriate amount of eye contact. Practice your presentation with a friend or family member and find what works for you.
  • Really selling it: Show your excitement and passion about what you are presenting, make the judge think “Wow! They really knew what they were talking about!” or “They were really interesting to listen to!”


  • The judges will ask questions
  • Dress for Speech Contest: prospectors are school clothes, seniors are semi-formal.


  • Don’t do that!: Make sure you are aware of the inappropriate fitting practices and review what and what is not allowed in The Edge or Exhibitor Folder.
  • Make a plan: Know who is doing what on the team, assign jobs and areas one team member should concentrate on.
  • Set a goal: What can you accomplish in the given amount of time? Make a list of priorities, what is most important? What needs to be accomplished first? Be conscious of you time, only 20 minutes!
  • Keep your fitting area clean and presentable for the judges.


  • Animals may enter the ring with a show halter in the prospector division only.
  • Don’t forget any of your supplies, generators are encouraged to make sure you have enough power.
  • Team members may be from any state as this doesn’t go towards the outstanding State award.


  • Things to know: The contest is scheduled to include 5 classes (12 minutes per class). There will be 10 questions. There will be 3 cattle classes, 1 hog and 1 sheep class when other livestock is available. IF other species aren’t available we will use only cattle classes.
  • Practice any potential questions you may receive from the judges!


Not signed up as an exhibitor for Junior Nationals? But you are a member of the American Junior Shorthorn Association? You can still compete in the contests! Just pay the exhibitor fee and sign up at Junior Nationals!

Or for the kids that are 5 years of age or under there’s still lots of fun activities to participate in! Email to sign up for Shorthorn Sidekicks!

Hope we could help with the preparation for this year’s Junior National contests. If you have any more questions regarding any of the contests or need tips and advice feel free to contact us here at the office!