NJSS Entry Form

Entry form available in Spring 2021


Entry Deadline: May 25
Ownership Deadline: May 25


Exhibitor Fee: $40 (includes shirt, meal packet and contest fee)
Additional T-Shirts: $15
Additional Meal Packets: $30 (two meals)

Bred & Owned Show – $85 ($40 entry & $45 bedding)
Owned Show – $85 ($40 entry & $45 bedding)
Both Shows (Bred & Owned and Owned) – $125 ($40 entry(x2) & $45 bedding)
Cow/Calf Pair (ONLY enter with this choice if calf is NOT showing individually) – $130 ($40 entry & $45 bedding(x2))

***If you are showing the cow/calf as a pair AND the calf separately, enter the cow individually as owned or bred & owned and enter the calf individually as owned and bred & owned – ONLY use cow/calf option if showing ONLY as a pair.)***

See show classifications and rules & regulations for information on classes and rules.

Reminders: There are NO refunds on entries for any reason. (WE WILL ONLY OFFER REFUNDS IF WE CANCEL THE EVENT DUE TO COVID-19) Entries received without a registration number, MUST provide the registration number by May 25 (ownership deadline is May 25) or your entries will be considered incomplete. You will not be able to show any incomplete animal entries. You will not receive refunds for animals that are incomplete. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide registration numbers at time of entry.

2020 NJSS Entry is CLOSED

If you have any questions related to the NJSS or entry, contact shelby@shorthorn.org.