NJSS 2017 Schedule Of Events

Sunday, July 2

Cattle allowed in tie-outs only


Monday, July 3

Cattle allowed in the barns

2:00 pm Junior board meeting

5:30 pm State advisor meeting


Tuesday, July 4

8:00 am All cattle must be stalled

8:00 am Cattle check-in begins- All animals will be weighed

9:00 am Contest and project registration begins

12:00 pm All projects, juniors and cattle checked in

1:00 pm Judging of Arts, Poster and Graphic Design Contest, Photography and State Projects

1:00 pm Youth Conference I

1:30 pm Shorthorn SideKicks 1

3:15 pm Judging Contest

5:45 pm Line up for state photos

6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies


Wednesday, July 5

8:00 am SureChamp Showmanship Contest

8:00 am Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV

1:00 pm Youth Conference II

1:30 pm Shorthorn Sidekicks 2

2:00 pm Beef Cook-Off Contest

3:00 pm Junior board interviews

3:30 pm Team Salesmanship Contest

5:00 pm Stock Show University with Sullivan’s Ultimate Warrior Boot Camp immediately following


Thursday, July 6

8:00 am  Speech

10:00 Lassie Princess Hour

11:00 am Youth Conference III – Voting Delegates Only

11:30 Lassie 101/Lassie Social

12:00 pm Quizbowl

3:00 pm Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University Team Fitting Contest


Friday, July 7

8:00 am Bred & Owned Heifer Show Bred & Owned Cow/Calf Show, ShorthornPlus Prospect & Market Steer Show,

Bred & Owned Bull Show, ShorthornPlus Heifer Show & ShorthornPlus Cow/Calf Show Show, Purebred Prospect & Market Steer Show

8:00 am Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV

6:00 pm Awards Ceremony


Saturday, July 8

8:00 am National Junior Shorthorn Heifer & Cow/Calf Show

8:00 am Live Broadcast starts by LiveAuctions.TV

12:00 pm Release of all Arts Etc., Posters, Graphic Design, etc.


All cattle released following show. All cattle and tack must be out of barns.